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Yellowstone National Park

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1. awc01145.gif Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Yellowstone Canyon (Pleistocene) below Tower Creek. View is north-northwest from a point near Tower Falls. Auto road is below the upper cliff of basalt at the left. Below the road are wooded, fallen masses of basalt. The cliff at the right exposes glacial drift, upper columnar basalt, Tower Creek Conglomerate (Pliocene?), lower columnar basalt wedging out at right, and early basic volcanic breccia (Miocene). ID. Alden, W.C. 1145
2. awc01229.gif Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Marble Terrace in the Mammoth Hot Springs area. Travertine now forming; color mostly gray to white, with yellowish and reddish-brown algae streaks down the front of the terrace. Capitol Hill is in the right middle. Mount Everts is in the right background. View is north down Gallatin Valley toward Gardiner and the Snowy Range beyond. June 25, 1922. ID. Alden, W.C. 1229
3. awc01230.gif Yellowstone National Park. View northeast past Snowy Lake, Bunsen Peak and Kingman Pass to the plateau top of Mount Everts and Snowy Range beyond. Park County, Wyoming. June 25, 1922. ID. Alden, W.C. 1230
4. awc01231.gif Yellowstone National Park. View southwest from ridge near Swan Lake across rolling drift plain to Bannock and Antler peaks, Gallatin Range. Park County, Wyoming. June 25, 1922. ID. Alden, W.C. 1231
5. awc01232.gif Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Obsidian Cliff. Lower half columnar, upper half more massive and irregularly porous, with denser, black obsidian at its base. June 25, 1922. ID. Alden, W.C. 1232
6. awc01233.gif Yellowstone National Park. Castle Geyser at right, Old Faithful at left back, quiescent. Teton County, Wyoming. June 27, 1922. ID. Alden, W.C. 1233
7. awc01234.gif Yellowstone National Park. Old Faithful Geyser in eruption. Teton County, Wyoming. June 28, 1922. ID. Alden, W.C. 1234
8. awc01235.gif Yellowstone National Park. Grand Canyon looking down northeast from Inspiration Point about 1000 feet deep in rhyolite. Park County, Wyoming. June 28, 1922. ID. Alden, W.C. 1235
9. awc01236.gif Yellowstone National Park. Glacial boulder of granite near north brink of Grand Canyon beside road to Inspiration Point. Size about 16x16x21 feet. Park County, Wyoming. June 28, 1922. ID. Alden, W.C. 1236
10. awc01237.gif Yellowstone National Park. Lower Falls (308 feet) and Grand Canyon of Yellowstone River 700-1000 feet deep in rhyolite from Artist Point about 500 feet above river. Park County, Wyoming. June 29, 1922. ID. Alden, W.C. 1237
11. awc01238.gif Yellowstone National Park. View north across Grand Canyon and past Canyon Hotel to Dunraven and Observation peaks. Canyon extends from left to right through lower woods in middle ground. Glacial moraine drift in foreground. June 29, 1922. ID. Alden, W.C. 1238
12. awc01239.gif Yellowstone National Park. Rapids of Yellowstone River at Chittenden Bridge above the upper falls. Park County, Wyoming. June 29, 1922. ID. Alden, W.C. 1239
13. awc01240.gif Yellowstone National Park. Glaciated ledge of volcanic breccia uncovered in grading road, on north spur of Mount Washburn, eight and one half miles southwest of Tower Falls Junction, 8400 feet A.T. Park County, Wyoming. June 29, 1922. ID. Alden, W.C. 1240
14. awc01241.gif Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Glaciated ledge of volcanic breccia uncovered while grading the road on the north spur of Mount Washburn, 8.5 miles southwest of Tower Falls Junction. June 29, 1922. ID. Alden, W.C. 1241
15. awc01242.gif Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Glacial morainal(?) topography on Crescent Hill. Possibly some of the knolls are basalt; no drift. June 29, 1922. ID. Alden, W.C. 1242
16. awc01244.gif Yellowstone National Park. Riverside Geyser in eruption. July 7, 1922. ID. Alden, W.C. 1244
17. awc01245.gif Yellowstone National Park. Riverside Geyser in eruption. July 7, 1922. ID. Alden, W.C. 1245
18. awc01247.gif Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. East across Yellowstone Canyon, north of Tower Creek. From the top down: glacial drift, latest basalt, Tower Conglomerate, earlier basalt, and volcanic breccia. July 12, 1922. ID. Alden, W.C. 1247
19. awc01248.gif Yellowstone National Park. Overhanging cliff of basalt north of Tower Creek. Canyon conglomerate exposed along road below the basalt. July 12, 1922. ID. Alden, W.C. 1248
20. awc01249.gif Yellowstone National Park. Recessional moraine of Lamar River Glacier on Cooke Road east of Yellowstone River. Strewn with large granite boulders. July 12, 1922. ID. Alden, W.C. 1249
21. awc01284.gif Yellowstone National Park. View south across Yellowstone Valley and up Gardiner River from basalt-capped bench north of Gardiner, Montana. Mount Everts at left, with bench on lower spur. Bunsen Peak in background. Moraine-covered slope below Sepulcher Mount at right. Montana and Wyoming. June 26, 1923. ID. Alden, W.C. 1284
22. awc01285.gif Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Mammoth Hot Springs, viewed from Capitol Hill. Terrace Mountain capped with travertine in the background. June 27, 1923. ID. Alden, W.C. 1285
23. awc01286.gif Yellowstone National Park. View south over great rock slide below Terrace Mountain, showing great blocks of travertine. Wyoming. June 27, 1923. ID. Alden, W.C. 1286
24. awc01287.gif Yellowstone National Park. Pond and beaver dam near road below Terrace Mountain. Wyoming. June 27, 1923. ID. Alden, W.C. 1287
25. awc01288.gif Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Great rockslide below Terrace Mountain. The road crosses the slide at the "hoodoos" which are great blocks of travertine. June 27, 1923. ID. Alden, W.C. 1288

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